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 Silver Iris

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Zerina Zayne
First Generation
First Generation
Zerina Zayne

Position : Captain
Berries : 265,000
Posts : 97

Skill Sheet
Skill 1: Rainbow Logia
Skill 2: Illusionary Arts
Skill 3: Ship Builder

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PostSubject: Silver Iris   Silver Iris EmptyTue Jul 03, 2018 4:04 pm

Silver Iris FIvw7L4

Group Name: Silver Iris
Base Name: Rainbow Savior
Group Symbol:
Silver Iris BVJn5zS

Captain: Zerina Zayne
First Mate: Yuma Lee [NPC]
Second mate: -
Goals: To Free Slaves and destroy the Slave trade.

Motto: 'Die With a Smile, Your fate has been sealed with a Rainbow.'

Defining your Group: (Tell us everything about your Group, All the details can be put here.)

Allies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

Enemies: (You will gain them through the RP.)

Silver Iris TmvbK14
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Silver Iris
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